Supervisory Board

Dr. Pia Krone (Chair)

Dr. Pia Krone has been working as a lawyer in Berlin in corporation law for the past 15 years. During this time she has represented many companies in the areas of transactions, restructuring and start-up processes. Dr. Pia Krone is a co-founder of Krone Management and Technologie GmbH & Co KG, a family run business with a focus on small and medium-sized technology companies. Prior to that Dr. Krone worked in international investment banking for the companies JP Morgan Chase, Lehman Brothers and Schroders in London.

Dr. Juergen Schumacher

Juergen Schumacher is an internationally recognized German entrepreneur. He is a co-founder of Qiagen AG the biggest German biotechnology company and principal founder of NewLab Bioquality AG, which he sold to Charles River Laboratories International Inc. in 2008. In addition to a versatile involvement in industry associations and other organizations, Mr. Schumacher invests in start-up and growth phase technology companies with exceptional prospects and outstanding management.

Mrs. Michaela Servas

Michaela Servas is both entrepreneur and investor. As marketing head and project manager, she has been responsible for top brands in a family-owned industrial group. In the past she financially invested in several healthcare projects. Michaela Servas also worked as a board member of an industrial association.