Tech Newsletter #1: PIRCHE database update and new functions

Putting PIRCHE into Context

Low PIRCHE-II scores are preferable in kidney transplantation. However, it is not guaranteed a well matched donor can be found for each and every patient. The newly available PIRCHE SOT Risk Profile was designed to support you estimating the individual patient’s chances of finding low-PIRCHE donors. See a preview on or read more.

Updated to IMGT 3.28

We update our peptide database annually. With the recent update – in place since June 23rd – we switched to the nomenclature and typing information of IMGT 3.28.0. If you are interested, how the database is generated, see this article.


Article in AJT

The American Journal of Transplantation recently published an article of the team around Dr. Nils Lachmann, showing a correlation between PIRCHE-II and de novo donor specific antibodies after kidney transplantation. Read more…

Matthias Niemann

Matthias Niemann

Matthias holds a Masters degree in Computer Science with a major in software engineering and a minor in Bioinformatics from Berlin University (Freie Universität). While working at Charité University Hospital in Berlin, he developed a database for kidney transplantation data and worked on various laboratory information systems and research databases. His research at Charité focused on epitope matching models and machine learning. He was instrumental in the implementation methods to increase data quality.
Since fall 2014 he focuses at PIRCHE on further improving the PIRCHE algorithm and investigating the technology's power in new domains.
Matthias Niemann